Modern Warfare Technology

Stealth Aircraft

The history of war can be unearthed back to the era of enlightenment. Most nations, individuals, and groups have gained sovereignty through war. Many would fight for strategic territories, power or valuable resources like minerals. Back in the days, crude weapons were commonly used in combat.

Most armies would use bows and arrows, spears and slings. Horses and chariots were the primary means of movement during that period. With time, there were several changes pertaining the weapons used during warfare. Modern weapons like guns and explosives were introduced. Planes and fighter jets were also launched.

They were mostly used during major battles like the First World War which was fought during the years 1914 to 1918. Those who were well armed wonMilitary Drone most battles. As time went on, some nations started producing chemical weapons. Chemical weapons were more powerful and would leave a massive trail of destruction.

This was evident during the Second World War after the twin bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The introduction of technology in warfare has had its fair share of benefits and challenges. It has helped reduce the number of casualties because of improved targeting mechanisms.

It has also reduced the number of military personnel used on the ground. Improved targeting mechanisms have also helped reduce damage within a particular target. Some of the modern inventions that have helped transform warfare include:

Stealth Aircraft

This is a type of aircraft that prevents pilots from getting detected in the sky. It uses exceptional technology that makes sure they cannot be identified on any radar, radiofrequency range or any other form of emissions. The chances of launching a successful attack are high because one cannot be detected easily in the sky.

Space Weaponry

Robot LaunchersThese are types of weapons that can be used to launch attacks on earth straight from the space. They can move through space, intercept various missiles, destroy space stations and multiple satellites in orbit. Some nations use satellites to spy on others or the military base of other countries. The use of space weaponry can help combat all these.


They are the most used form of technology in modern warfare. A drone is a small type of aircraft which is controlled and operated from the ground. Some of them are fitted with cameras and can send signals to the control base. They have been used to launch successful airstrikes in various places. Their improved targeting systems have helped reduce casualties.